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Dark Green Paper Structures

The Art of
Léa Peterson

Welcome to my website. My currently available paintings are all posted here. Enjoy your visit and feel free to send me your questions and feedback.


I am currently working on a diverse portfolio, with subject matter that includes coastal scenery, as well as marshes and mountains. I'm looking for complicated compositions and bold colors, with emphasis on the play of light and dark.

While I've been painting the mountains in Maine's Baxter State Park, I head further afield later this month to the Swiss Alps to find inspiration in its dramatic scenery.

If you are interested in purchasing a painting or have questions, please contact me at

Entangled copy.jpeg
Buoyancy (2) copy.jpeg
"Buoyancy" (2)

My painting “Rollers” was recently selected by the U.S. State Department to travel across the world to its embassy in Brunei, where it will now be on display for the next three years. This exhibition in Southeast Asia is meant to show the quality and diversity of American art.

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