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Dark Green Paper Structures

The Art of
Léa Peterson

Welcome to my new website, just launched on a new platform. I’ve loaded only the paintings now available, not those already sold, and have updated all other information on the site.


I am currently working on a new series of paintings showing the tools of lobstermen—their boats, buoys, coiled lines, etc. I’m looking for subject matter that challenges me to work with complicated compositions and a variety of bold colors, emphasizing the play of light and dark. My last series on the shapes in the sand was more muted in its palette, so I’m trying to get back to more color. 

"The Passage"
At the Boathouse.jpeg
"At the Boathouse"

One of my paintings called “Rollers” has been chosen by the U.S. State Department for its “Art in Embassies” program, to be displayed for three years in an embassy in Southeast Asia.

" Rollers"

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