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The Artist

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About Me

Because life is stressful on so many levels, I try to make an oasis of my art where viewers can linger and refresh, feel revitalized and soothed. It is certainly an oasis for me. My goal is to convey the extraordinary beauty in ordinary places, objects and activities. When people look at my work, I want it to strike a chord—evoke a positive memory or emotion and in some way resonate with and reinforce something good in their lives.

My paintings are usually part of a series. Something in the landscape will strike me as particularly

stunning or interesting, and I will then explore it in multiple ways on canvas. When I’ve exhausted my emotion on a topic in my art, I move on. There is always another intriguing idea waiting for interpretation. While I usually find my subject matter in New England, I regularly explore new vistas through travel.


 Because I live on the shore, a lot of my work focuses on the sea, which I find both hypnotic and musical. My daily walks at a nearby beach, in sunshine, fog, rain or snow, provide a litany of ideas for painting seascapes. At times like this, painting is pure poetry.

I consider myself a contemporary realist painter and a colorist. Nearly all of my paintings start outside, with a plein air study, a drawing or a photo, and are finished in my studio. I try to convey the power, drama, subtlety and emotion of what I see in my brush strokes, colors and compositions.  My art is representational, but it is built on abstractions of the shapes, values and colors that I see in my subject matter. 

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